For centuries the royal cooks at the Ottoman Palace worked day and night to improve the quality and taste of the food served to the Sultan and his family. We are working as diligently to make sure that our products and services exceed the expectations of our esteemed guests.

Our expert team checks all products before we recommend them to you in our proposals. More importantly, these products and services are the direct result of over ten years of feedback from previous Sultans and Sultanas that have visited Turkey under our care.

We list only the finest accommodation worthy of a modern-day

Our 24-hour premium concierge service is adds another layer to the superb selections of products and services. With the touch of a button you can access our concierge services at any given time and place of your journey at no extra cost.

Dine at the finest restaurants with extraordinary service, quality and location.

Roam handpicked Turkish designer shops with authentic products.

Relax in luxury spas and Turkish baths.

Travel in style with deluxe cars, minivans, yachts, helicopters, hot air balloons.

Enjoy the Turkish Riviera with the superb boats selected for their cuisine, service and quality.


The Bosphorus has been the subject of legends, and this beautiful strait is best experienced by private boat. On board, enjoy a fresh fruit basket and glass of champagne while listening to the story of the area and watching the seagulls.


Our private jet service is the ultimate way to travel that you can personalize according to your needs, really advantageous as all other services of our company. Ada Vegas Travel  offers privacy, efficiency and flexibility to guarantee a pleasant time traveling.


Connecting two continents and two seas via the Bosphorus, Istanbul proffers a magnificent visual feast with its historical skyline beauties and metropolitan riches. Ada Vegas Travel  helps you witness this magnificence with its private helicopter for the most panoramic of trips.


One of the most exciting ways to experience the unique landscape and dwellings of Cappadocia is to take a hot air balloon trip over the center of the area. Indeed, this is one of the most exhilarating balloon trips found anywhere in the world. Comfortable, quiet, and serene, this balloon adventure is a wonderful way to see the unique landscape as well as peek into the start of daily lives on the ground.


A gulet is a very special kind of traditional yacht, mainly made in Turkey, on which you can best experience the marvelous bays & coves and the sea of the Aegean coast, in full luxury and comfort.

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