In 1453, the Ottoman Empire triumphantly stormed into Constantinople to capture the strategically important city. From then on, for 465 years, the sultans and their advisors managed lands spanning nearly half the world from their ruling capital. Indeed they were one of the most successful empires of all times and definitely changed the course of

An abundance of historical places to visit in Turkey makes it a travel magnet for fans of previous eras. From the east to the west, remnants of past empires and civilizations sit in among towns and villages. Some famous historical places receive more admiration and visitors than others do, though. This is mostly because of

As one of the Seven Churches of Revelation mentioned in the New Testament, the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus are a religious treasure but extensive excavation work also makes it a historical marvel. Ongoing since 1927, only a small fraction of the city has been uncovered yet the ruins of a library, houses,