If you could throw them into a suitcase, before the bikinis, sun cream, T-shirts and passports, security and safety are probably the first two elements that any family would pack to ensure a great holiday. Those two are coming more and more into the thinking of holidaymakers looking for a bit of fun in the

If you think having a holiday in Turkey revolves around a beach and a great tan, then you couldn’t be more wrong. There is plenty more things to do so we have put together a list of some of the fantastic alternatives to help you see the country in a new light and make your

Glory of the Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park The Gallipoli Peninsula, a craggy outpost and historical national park, facing the Aegean Sea in Turkey’s north-west, is a major tourist attraction because of its influential footnote in the history of modern-day Turkey, and the bloody campaign that saw thousands of soldiers killed and wounded in the

Cave Hotels and Hot Air Balloons – Cappadocia’s Biggest Attractions The Anatolian region of Cappadocia in central Turkey boasts of many quirky aspects including fairy chimneys, underground cities, and ancient churches but by far, two of its biggest attractions luring thousands of travellers every year are its cave hotels and early morning sunrise hot air

As the 37th largest country in the world, the diversity of culture, traditions, weather, landscapes, and food throughout Turkey is overwhelming in itself. Even the history of the country would fill a book containing thousands of pages, yet it is because of its past that we see the glory of Turkey as it is now,

Despite Turkey’s status as a secular Muslim country, its historical timeline in Christianity is strong and still evident in the country today. Indeed the Cappadocia Fathers, who later became saints stemmed from the central Anatolian region and are widely contributed with spreading Christianity in its early days. Saint John, Paul, and the Virgin Mary also

Where to Stay and Eat Best bang-for-your-buck hotel Kayakapi is my new favorite. It’s a refurbished series of cave houses and mansions set in Urgup, and part of a national park that is a UNESCO World Heritage site and includes a historic church and mosque. The views of the valley are beautiful and the rooms

North from the town of Malatya is the majestic Mount Nemrut, standing a massive 2000 meters high. While this natural landmark of rural Southeast Turkey is impressive within itself, it is the man-made artefacts at the top that interest most people. 2-meter heads of giant stone gods lay scattered across the ground  and at sunset

Growing from a cluster of small fishing villages, the Bodrum peninsula is one of Turkey’s most popular holiday resorts for foreigners and Turks from the big cities. Attracting budget and luxury travellers, it screams of hedonistic vibes but look closely, and you will still discover traditional Turkey and the reason why Bodrum is the home

Dubbed as one of the most beautiful landmarks of the natural world, Pamukkale, in the Denizli region of Turkey is a top visited attraction enticing more than 2 million domestic and foreign visitors ever year. Along with the ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis, the UNESCO World heritage site is a biological phenomenon with