Akrotiri Excavation, Oia & Fira Town

5 Hour
Jan. to Dec.

Akrotiri Excavation, Oia & Fira Town, a tour that promises to delight. Travel by Boat, Road and Cable Car, and then marvel at construction from 3,500 years ago. Historians, Photographers and Travellers understand Akrofiris popularity and importance.

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DURATION 5.00 Hours
VISITING Akrotiri Excavation, Oia & Fira Town
Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coach
Professional tour guide.
All local taxes and insurance fees
Entrance Fees
Parking Fees
Round Trip Cable Car Ride
Meals & Beverages
Personal Expenses

Prehistoric Museum and Oia town is a breathtaking experience. Architecture, Artifacts, amazing scenery and an insight into the history not to be missed.

Enjoy a short trip by local boat to Athenios harbour after which you will meet your guide and vehicle and proceed to the archeological site of Akrotiri.

Often compared to Pompeii, Akrotiri infact is much older. Its amazingly well preserved ruins date back to the second millennium BC. As you walk through well-kept passageways past beautiful pottery, two and three story houses, roads and squares, you will get a feel for what life must have been like in the city 3,500 years ago.

Later we’ll continue on through the beautiful countryside to Oia village. The village’s magnificent location, perched on the northern part of the caldera rim, has inspired many artists over the years. A guided tour combined with free time will be offered. After Oia, we will drive to Fira town.

Fira is another attractive town located on the edge of a Caldera where the land slopes gently in one direction and falls steeply to the sea in the other. There you will have the choice either to enjoy the town at your leisure or perhaps return directly to your ship in the spectacular cable car.

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Akrotiri Excavation, Oia & Fira Town

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13 Pax 6337.5 USD [Total]
14 Pax 6825 USD [Total]
15 Pax 7312.5 USD [Total]

Tour Reviews

5 based on 1 review
February 2, 2016

We had Ada Vegas Travel affiliate Efi as our tour guide. She was enthusiastic and informative. Aktotiri was the highlight of the tour and she knew everything about this site. We had planned to go the the museum on our own post tour but she was so knowledgeable that we asked if she would accompany us and she willingly added this to the tour.

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