8 Hour
Jan. to Dec.

Bodrum Excursions Dalyan & Turtle Beach is a day of Fun and frolicks, Natural History and the Theraputic effects of the mud. It appeals to all and its not difficult to understand why!

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    DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bodrum Hotels / Port, Bodrum Hotels / Port
    DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:00 AM for a prompt departure at 9:00 AM.
    WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing.
    VISITING Dalyan & Turtle Beach
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    With its five-mile long stretch of golden sand Turtle beach, surrounded by salt water on one side and fresh water on the other, the Lycian Rock Tombs and the Glorious Mud Baths, Dalyan stands out as one of the most unique corners of the Earth.

    (Turtle Beach + Mud Baths + Kings Tombs)

    Once you arrive in the resort after a coach journey, you will be taken on river boats to visit the sights of Dalyan. The river boat cruises through tall reeds and maze-like passages of the Dalyan Delta and will  remind you of Humphrey Bogarts The African Queen.

    Stop over at the magnificent Rock Tombs of Caunos carved high in the cliff. Let yourself be carried back through history as your guide tells you the beguiling story of the ancient site of Caunos.

    And finally the Source of Youth; The Mud Baths. Its fun, its rejuvenating and it  is a great opportunity for a hilarious snapshot! History, Nature, Fun! All in one!

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    Dalyan Turtle Beach
    Bodrum Excursions Dalyan & Turtle Beach
    Bodrum Excursions Dalyan & Turtle Beach
    Bodrum Excursions Dalyan & Turtle Beach

    Tour Reviews

    5.00 based on 1 review
    February 3, 2016

    Bodrum Tours
    We visited Bodrum in October 2015 with not much planned other than playing it by ear. We happened to come across this tour group where Umut was happy to tell us about the tours on offer.

    The tours cost about 50 us dollar for a full day’s trip including transport directly to/from your hotel and also lunch. All their tours are guided as far as I’m aware, with excellent personal touches from the guides themselves. Ours had his own photography blog and clearly had a passion for what he was doing!

    We enjoyed the first tour so much (Ephesus) we decided to go with them for a second (Pamukkale) and third (Dalyan)!

    When you’re visiting a country that by and large doesn’t share a language with you, it was a pleasure to find these guys – we always knew what we were getting, and they somehow managed to keep track of all of us, catering for different languages too!

    Overall we thought it was great value for money if you want a guided experience of areas surrounding Bodrum. Our only regret is that we wished we went for the 2-day combined Ephesus and Pamukkale tour as we wasted a lot of time on the road by doing them separately. On top of that, Pamukkale as a day trip only allows about 3 hours to roam the massive area which frankly isn’t quite enough! I was told you get about double the time there if you do them as a combined trip.

    Thanks again, we really enjoyed ourselves and hope others will too.

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