8 Day
Jan. to Dec.

Enjoy a Luxurious, Bodrum – Gokova – Bodrum 8 Days 7 Night Luxury Blue Cruise…

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Single Room (For 1 Person) $ 1.200 (Total)
Double Room (For 2 People) $ 1.950 (Total)

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    DEPARTURE Bodrum
    DURATION 8 Day 7 Night
    VISITING Byzentine Village, Tuzla Bay, Sedir Island, Ballisu, Kargili Bay, Orak Island, Haremten Bay
    Services on board within All Inclusive concept
    Breakfast, Lunch, Tea Service (by 5:00 pm), Dinner
    Soft Drinks: Tea, Coke, Fanta, Water
    Alcoholic Drinks: Local Wine & Beer (between 12:00 by noon and 23:00 at night)
    All cabins equipped with Blanket and towel to be used inside the cabin.
    Canoe, backgammon, fishing rod, snorkel and flippers
    Costs for the boat, fuel, water, crew, insurance, harbor dues and taxes
    Personal Expenses


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    Day  1: Embarkation on board the boat would be at 15:30 (3:30 pm) After giving brief information about the route and the boat by the captain, service would start with diner. Overnight is in the harbor of Bodrum.

    Day  2: In the time the passengers have their breakfast, the captain gets the permission from the harbor master to leave the harbor.  After breakfast, the staff of the boat and the captain is introduced to the passengers and the route is shown on a map. Following breakfast and the brief information, it is time to sail to Alakısla bay where we see the ruins of Byzantine village. Dinner and overnight is in Çökertme.

    Day  3: Sailing to Tuzla bay before breakfast. Lunch and swimming break at Tuzla bay. Dinner and overnight is in English Harbor.

    Day  4: After breakfast, cruise to Sedir Island where we see the ruins of an ancient city called Kedrai. Theatre, church, ruins of the necropolis are still visible. The inscriptions which were found on the island show us that Cleopatra had lived on the island. Therefore the beach is called Cleopatra’s beach and the sand of this beach is very special. Antonius got the sand brought with the ships from North Africa.

    This sand can only be found in Tunisia nowadays. Dinner and overnight is in Karacasogut, the village is surrounded by pine trees. A trip to Marmaris can also be arranged. It takes 20 minutes to get Marmaris.

    Day  5: Next stop will be at Ballisu bay after breakfast. Dinner and overnight is in Longoz. The clients might take for a walk through the forest at night.

    Day  6: Cruise to Kargili bay before breakfast. Then proceed to Orak Island after lunch. Dinner and overnight is there.

    Day  7: Head to Pabuc after breakfast. Haremten bay is where we will continue to after lunch for a swimming break. After having tea and coffee in the afternoon, it is time to sail into the harbor of Bodrum. Overnight is in Bodrum Harbor.

    Day  8: It is time to leave the boat with nice memories. Disembarkation would be after breakfast latest by 10:30 am.

    The captain may change the route depending on weather conditions

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    Room Type Price
    Single Room (For 1 Person) $ 10.000 (Total)
    Double Room (For 2 People) $ 16.000 (Total)
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    February 1, 2016

    As Turkey is a cradle of civilization, this place is not to be missed! One if the seven wonders of the world! In the real location us a real treat for kids, history buffs. Not to be missed in Bodrum and Gokova. Try to visit early in the morning to beat the heat if you visit in summer time. Thank you all for your help Ada Vegas.

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