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Jan. to Dec.

Dalyan and Turtle Beach, a real mix of Natural History. relaxation, Conservationalism, Fun, sightseeing and of course Turtles. A day that appeals to all.

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    DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Marmaris Hotels / Marmaris Hotels
    DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:00 AM for a prompt departure at 9:00 AM.
    WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing.
    VISITING Turtle Beach, Mud Baths, Kings Tombs
    Pick-up and Drop-back service
    Guide/Entrance Fees

    Dalyan and Turtle Beach is a mix of Natural History, relaxation, cruising ,conservationalism, fun and sightseeing.

    Enjoyed by families and groups alike, the Turtles…unforgettable !


    Dalyans world-famous Turtle Beach, the awe-inspiring Rock Tombs and the natural Mud Baths make it stand out as one of the most beautiful areas.,

    On arrival in Dalyan, we will transfer into river boats to  access the sights of this unique area.

    The river boat cruise through the maze-like passages of Dalyan Delta will remind you of Humphrey Bogart & Catherine Hepburn in “The African Queen” .

    Turtle Beach, surrounded by salt water on one side and fresh water on the other, is one of the last breeding grounds of the Sea Turtles and therefore  undeveloped.  The one and half hours beach-break will be merely enough to appreciate the importance of this exceptional sand bank.

    Later as we journey to the Mud Baths, the river boats stops  at the magnificent Rock Tombs. The tombs belong to the Kings of ancient Lycia and date back to IV. century B.C.

    The rejuvenating Mud Baths and Thermal springs of Dalyan have attracted a number of famous people over the years like Dustin Hoffman, Sting and David Bowie to name a few. Apparently it has worked for them, so why not let it work for you?!  After the excursion we will return you to your hotel.

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    Dalyan and Turtle Beach
    Dalyan and Turtle Beach
    Dalyan and Turtle Beach
    Dalyan and Turtle Beach
    Dalyan and Turtle Beach

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    August 18, 2016

    It was one of the greatest place I have ever seen. Really it is very impressive and rock tombs seem very interesting!! Thanks Adavegas Travel.

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