5 Hour
Jan. to Dec.

Delos Tours, manages to pack vast amounts of Historical information supported by stunning sights into this programme. Historians,novices and budding photographers will love this.

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    DEPARTURE Mykonos
    DURATION 5.00 Hours
    VISITING Avenue of Lions, House of Cleopatra, The House of The Dolphin, Temple of Apollo, The House of The Mask, The House of Dionyssos
    Transportation in a fully air-conditioned, non-smoking coach
    Professional tour guide.
    All local taxes and insurance fees
    Entrance Fees
    Parking Fees
    Meals & Beverages
    Personal Expenses

    Delos Tour is one that packs vast amounts of Hisorical information with some of the most stunning of sights.

    The day commences when we depart from the port of Mykonos and proceed  to the ancient harbour of Delos by local boat. Once there your guided tour will continue on foot as you marvel at the Agora and the Sacred Way that leads you to the Temple of Apollo.

    Continue on to view the remains of a Hellenistic Quarter and its harbours, water houses, and luxurious villas such as the House of Cleopatra, the House of the Dolphin, the House of the Mask and the House of Dionyssos, as well as the remains of other notable abodes.

    You will marvel at fantastic architecture and mosaic floors that have amazingly survived over 2,500 years. Your walking tour ends at the spectacular Avenue of Lions, where five Naxian marble beast replicas from the 8th Century BC crouch, vigilant guardians of the now dry Sacred Lake. From here, your guide will take you back to the port of Mykonos again by local boat after the tour has concluded.

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    Delos Tour

    Tour Reviews

    5.00 based on 1 review
    February 2, 2016

    Our Tour Guide was full of interesting information and very animated. She kept our large group together very well and took us thru the entire temple & grounds in less than 5 hours. The deserted island is only accessible by boat so plan this tour to be a full day. Thank you Ada Vegas Travel. See you next year.

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