8 Hour
Jan. to Dec.

 Full Day Bosphorus Cruise and Asia Tour, Visit the famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar, an unforgettable excursion starts between two continents, Europe and Asia.

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    DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Istanbul Hotels / Port, Istanbul Hotels / Port
    DEPARTURE TIME Departure at 9:00 am from your hotel
    WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing
    VISITING Visit to the famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar, an unforgettable excursion starts between two continents, Europe & Asia.
    Professional Tour Guide
    Entrence Fees
    Personal Expenses

    The tour begins by immersing you in the sights, sounds and aromas of this famous bustling market, an exciting and entertaining start.

    This is followed by  crossing the Bosphorus and seeing the Beylerbeyi Palace, both amazing experiences.

    This tour will not be operated on Monday & Thursday, as palace is closed.

    We begin the day with a short visit to the famous Egyptian Spice Bazaar, and then an unforgettable excursion begins between two continents, Europe & Asia.

    Egyptian Spice Bazaar,
    Dolmabahce Palace and Beylerbeyi,
    Camlica Hill.

    Beylerbeyi Palace: A pleasant drive to the Asian part of Istanbul over  the suspension Bosphorus Bridge. The palace was the famous summer residence of the Ottoman Sultans with its magnificent gardens and breathtaking grandeur. The Beylerbeyi Palace lying on the beautiful shores of the Bosphorus is fully furnished and it is a perfect example of the late Ottoman architecture.

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    Bosphorus Cruise and Asia Tour
    Full Day Bosphorus Cruise and Asia Tour
    Full Day Bosphorus Cruise and Asia Tour
    Full Day Bosphorus Cruise and Asia Tour
    Full Day Bosphorus Cruise and Asia Tour

    Tour Reviews

    5.00 based on 3 reviews
    January 4, 2016

    We participated in this Cruise as one of the activities in Ada Vegas Travel – what an enjoyable time 🙂
    We had about two dozen people on the ship, which was about right. Not crowded, not empty, and since it was entirely ours, it made for a great bonding experience early in our Turkey tour.

    What I especially liked was the ability to get up and wander, take a few pictures, or choose to sit down and enjoy tea or other beverages. Really very nice.
    Suggestions: bring sun tan lotion, since the sun off the water will otherwise be an issue. Definitely tie down hats and glasses – the wind was intense, and it was a pleasant day! I also found it helpful to have a few additional layers. Standing in the sun leeward of the wind is a different climate altogether from standing in the shade with the full blast effect. SUN GLASSES a MUST! And also a camera. Standing right up front gives a great picture and you can steady yourself up there.
    Bring company also – the cruise didn’t have that much narration to go along with it, so you’ll want to have something to do when your eyes tire of looking at the coast.

    January 4, 2016

    Travel Between Europe and Asia;
    What a Lovely ride it was in Istanbul. You get to see most of Istanbul with this cruise. While travelling between Europe and Asia, you will learn so much about History in this Cruise. Dont focus much on clicking pictures and try to absorb the peace and serene moment which this place offers. A must do Activity in Istanbul. Thank you Ada Vegas Travel.

    April 25, 2016

    The tour focused on the significant history everywhere which is really the value in this tour as you can easily walk to these sites alone but miss the relevance of so many little things. The Bosporus cruise would have been pretty boring without all the interesting history our guide provided to be honest. Of course we had tons of questions and our guide had answers to them all. Good places for a Turkish Bath, better shopping areas than the normal, different places that might interest us as our guide got to know our tastes more.

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