4 Hour
Jan. to Dec.

Marmaris Quad and Buggy Safari, Master a machine in beautiful surroundings and feel invigorated, liberated, excited, hot and dirty..and still wanting more ! Fun and adventure for all.

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    DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Marmaris Hotels / Marmaris Hotels
    DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:00 AM for a prompt departure at 9:00 AM.
    WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing.
    VISITING Our venue, 20 km west of Marmaris, in lowland surrounded by forest sets a unique stage for this extreme sport.
     Pick-up and Drop-back service
    Instruction and supervision of qualified staff
    DVD’s if you choose

    Quad and Buggy Safari contains all the elements, set in beautiful surroundings and with expert supervision master a machine that leaves you feeling invigorated, liberated , hot and dirty..and still wanting more !

    Fun for couples, groups and adventure seekers !

    An  unbeatable experience for young and mature adventure seekers and one that may be the Highlight of your holiday ! Master a quad or buggy and enjoy getting off the beaten track.

    Following an introduction and safety briefing, the Quads and Buggies line up for a convoy that is lead and tailed by expert guides and experience a half hour familiarization session on smooth trails of the flat terrain. The area is 20km west of Marmaris and is surrounded by forests, a perfect backdrop for this extreme sport .

    Once you have mastered the controls,and we see that you are competant , a more challenging ride awaits you! A more challenging and exciting terrain which will have you splashing through streams, riding on dust and dirt laden tracks to our private land of 40 acres where you can put your skills to the test on our purpose built jumps, slopes, mud trenches and water-jets.

    The tour takes 3 hours in total and actual driving time is about 2 hours; 2 full hours of pure adrenalin and fun!

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    Marmaris Quad & Buggy Safari
    Marmaris Quad & Buggy Safari
    Marmaris Quad & Buggy Safari
    Marmaris Quad & Buggy Safari

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    August 18, 2016

    Do not miss this interesting experience, have fun and memories!!! Thank you so much…

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