10 Day
Jan. to Dec.

Western Turkey Tour in 9 Nights 10 Days a luxury tour carefully constructed to include vast amounts of sights and information with enough rest and free time to absorb it. A magnificent experience, History, Theology and culture executed beautifully!

5 Star Accommodation
Single Room (For 1 Person) $ 2,438
Double Room (For 2 People) $ 3,657
4 Star Accommodation
Single Room (For 1 Person) $ 2,120
Double Room (For 2 People) $ 3,180
3 Star Accommodation
Single Room (For 1 Person) $ 1,802
Double Room (For 2 People) $ 2,703
Children & Infants
Children (3 – 10) $ 500
Infants (0 – 2) $ 300

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    DEPARTURE Istanbul
    DURATION 10 Days / 9 Nights
    WEAR Comfortable athletic clothing
    VISITING St. Sophia, Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, Topkapi Palace, Grand Bazaar, Antalya, Izmir, Canakkale, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Topkapi, Virgin Mary, Gallipoli
    Non-smoking, fully A/C-equipped private vehicles
    Professionally licensed English speaking private tour guide
    All local taxes and insurance fees
    Entrance fees
    Parking fees
    There are no hidden or extra costs
    Personal expenses on the tour
    Any Optional Tours

    This is a private luxury Biblical tour by ada vegas travel.It is a carefully constructed programme that cannot fail to please those interested in Theology, History or Culture, whether experienced or a novice. Paced well and with enough rest and free time it is a memorable tour.

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    After your arrival in Istanbul, we will provide transportation to your hotel, and you’ll have the rest of the day free.

    Today you will take a full day sightseeing tour through Istanbul’s Old Town. Among other things you will see the Church of Chora famous for its Byzantine mosaics and frescoes, the Hagia Sophia, a magnificent Church (later a mosque and now museum) of epic proportions built by the emperor Justinian in the sixth century, the Blue Mosque and its wonderful blue-tiled interior, and the Hippodrome, where chariot races were held in Roman times.

    The tour continues with a visit to theTopkapi Palace museum where you will see many priceless jeweled objects and other treasures. After the guided tour, you’ll have the opportunity to shop at the world famous Grand Bazaar, a feast for your senses! .

    In the morning, we cruise along the Bosphorus Strait by boat, where you will see a wonderful collection of magnificent palaces and enjoy other unique views of the city.
    After your relaxing cruise, you cross the Bosphorus Bridge to Asian Istanbul for a visit to Beylerbeyi Palace, the “Summer” palace. Later we’ll take you to the airport for your flight to Antalya,where you will spend the night.

    Today we will explore Antalya (Attalia), the primary port for St. Paul on his first journeys to Lystra and Derbe. Paul also sailed from Attalia to Antioch, making the port even more important for his ministry.

    We then  drive along the Mediterranean coast to Perge, where Paul stopped on his way to Pisidian Antioch with Barnabas and Mark. Next we will continue to Sideand Aspendos, where you will see a majestic amphitheatre. At the end of the day, we will return to Antalya for the night.

    We will drive to Pamukkale to visit the ruins of Hierapolis and experience the glittering landscape of Pamukkale’s thermal springs which have been utilized therapeutically for thousands of years. On a nearby hilltop you will have the opportunity to visit the recently discovered burial place of St. Philip. Next we will drive to Laodicea to see the remains of one of the Seven Churches of Revelation. Laodicea Church was an offshoot of the church of Ephesus, as were the churches of Hierapolis and Colossea. You will have dinner and spend the night in Pamukkale.

    In the morning we will head to Miletos, home to one of the largest amphitheatres in Asia Minor. It was in Miletos that Paul completed his third missionary journey and predicted his imprisonment.

    In the afternoon we will visit the city of Ephesus, one of the most important cities of the ancient world. Ephesus is one of Turkey’s finest ancient cities, and is home to many incredible historic sites, including the burial place of St. John and the House of the Virgin Mary, where the mother of Jesus is believed to have spent her final years. The Church of the Virgin Mary, built in the early days of Christianity, was the seat for the Council of Ephesus. At the end of the day we will drive to Izmir (Smyrna) and spend the night there.

    DAY 7 / IZMIR
    In the morning we will visit Sardes, the capital of Lydia where King Croesus ruled. Here you will see the gymnasium and the Temple of Artemis, among other things. Later we will drive to Philadelphia, where you will see the ancient walls of the “city of brotherly love.” After dinner, you’ll spend the night in Izmir.

    Today you will visit Akhisar, the ancient city of Thyatira, the church referred to as “apostate” in Revelation for having tolerated the works of Jezebel.
    We will continue on to Pergamon to visit the highlights of the Hellenistic Acropolis, including the Altar of Zeus and the temples of Trajan & Dionysus. After visiting the Asclepion, the earliest health centre of Asia Minor, we will continue on to Canakkale for the night.

    First on the agenda for today is a visit to the site of legendary Troy, the Homeric city that today houses a local museum. Next we’ll drive to Troas, from whence St. Paul set sail to Neapolis on his second missionary journey. Later we will visit Assos, where Paul rejoined his companions. We will have dinner in Canakkale and spend the night there.

    In the morning we will cross the Dardenelles by ferry, drive through the first World War battle fields of Gallipoli,  After Gallipoli drive to Istanbul. At aiport our services end.

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    5 Star Accommodation
    Single Room (For 1 Person) $ 2,438
    Double Room (For 2 People) $ 3,657
    4 Star Accommodation
    Single Room (For 1 Person) $ 2,120
    Double Room (For 2 People) $ 3,180
    3 Star Accommodation
    Single Room (For 1 Person) $ 1,802
    Double Room (For 2 People) $ 2,703
    Children & Infants
    Children (3 – 10) $ 500
    Infants (0 – 2) $ 300
    Western Turkey Tour in 9 Nights 10 Days
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    Private Istanbul Tour
    Ephesus Tour
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    Tour Reviews

    5.00 based on 2 reviews
    December 13, 2015

    We booked through viator but Ada Vegas Travel travel was the operator. The service was excellent with airport transfer included. The 15 passenger bus was modern and comfortable (Mercedes Benz) with on board WiFi.
    Our guide, Fatih Ergul, was excellent. His knowledge of the ancient history, his enthusiasms and love of Turkey made the trip a quite enjoyable learning experience. He knew how to tie or connect the history from one site to the next.
    The hotels were also very good. The Hotel Momento is about 2 blocks from the Grand Bazar and the tramp. The Iris hotel in Canakkale has a very reasonable priced Haman, turkish bath, way cheaper with better service than those famous hamam in istanbul. The dining patio is right on a sandy beach, so bring your swim outfits.
    The hotel Hilton in Kusadasi is also a nice one, overlooking the harbor and the ocean, also with a nice pool to dip in after a hot and humid day in Turkey. At night, one can walk about 100 m down hill to the main street next to the water, where all the night life activities are (lots of restaurants and cafe).
    The Colossae hotel in Pamukkale, though rated 5* was just too big with too many customers. Our dinner was in a room that can fit 700 people, and it was full. It did not even have an elevator. I wonder how elderly travelers can carry their full suit case up to 2 flights.
    In Pamukkale, our optional activity was to see a Whirling Dervishes dance for 50 Liras. I would recommend this because as I learned later that the dance came from Rumi’s teaching (for those who like to read Rumi’s poems). Beautiful and entrancing dance.
    The last day with 500 km to travel back to Istanbul and the potential of a Friday traffic jam, our group opted to by pass Bursa ‘s the Green Mosque visit (I guess if you see one mosque you see them all) and the Silk Market, and took the most direct route to Yalova ferry and paid the additional 50 liras to directly transport back to Istanbul right below the hotel (that way we save about 3 hours and get back to the hotel at 5:30Pm instead of 9). This way we had time to go to the Grand Bazaar and still had time to get up at 2:30AM to go the airport.

    August 17, 2016

    A Super tour by ada vegas travel, realy loved turkey and biblical sites.

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