All over the world and in every niche of business, there are two types of people, namely the cowboys and the experts. Upon first glance, it is hard to spot the difference, but cowboys cut corners to make money while experts want to be professionals in their chosen career. Within the travel industry of Turkey,

Kusadasi on the Aegean coast of Turkey is one of the country’s most popular cruise ship and holiday package destinations. This is partly due to its modern, cosmopolitan ambiance but also the vast amount of attractions, and places of interest are a big lure. The holiday resort has adapted with travel trends to accommodate masses

With roughly 7,200 kilometers of coastline, it is no surprise that Turkey is a major cruising and sailing destination. Sitting on the edge of Europe, it taps into the continents popularity as the second most visited cruise destination in the world. Indeed, an official report by the Cruise Lines International Association stated that in 2013,

As Turkey’s largest city, there is much to do and see in former Constantinople, but the most favorite attractions, especially for first-time visitors sit in the Sultanahmet district of Istanbul. Known as the old part of the city, it was the ruling capital centers for both the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. The iconic landmark structures

In 1453, the Ottoman Empire triumphantly stormed into Constantinople to capture the strategically important city. From then on, for 465 years, the sultans and their advisors managed lands spanning nearly half the world from their ruling capital. Indeed they were one of the most successful empires of all times and definitely changed the course of

An abundance of historical places to visit in Turkey makes it a travel magnet for fans of previous eras. From the east to the west, remnants of past empires and civilizations sit in among towns and villages. Some famous historical places receive more admiration and visitors than others do, though. This is mostly because of

The country of Turkey, being the 37th largest in the world is a traveller’s delight. From the east to the west spanning thousands of kilometres, many places to visit in Turkey are unique attractions. From historical landmarks to renowned sites of nature, most have graced glossy pages of international travel magazines as recommended travel destinations.

Despite its prominent status on the international travel scene, as one of the most visited countries in the world, Turkey has sometimes been and is still somewhat widely misunderstood by people who haven’t visited it. Therefore, to present a well-rounded picture of the country, we have listed our favourite facts about Turkey that also make

In the past twenty years, Turkish cuisine has emerged onto the global food scene as a player to be reckoned with. Previously viewed as just a nation of kebab lovers, people everywhere have woken up to the fact that Turkish food dishes are more than just that. Fusing ingredients with unique cooking techniques, visitors to

An exciting part of going abroad is buying souvenirs to take back home. Whether they are traditional, quirky, edible or purely for nostalgic memories, when you are on vacation in Turkey, the choice of souvenirs to buy is limitless! No matter where you go in the country, small souvenir shops sell a range of delights